After thirteen years together, Terri and I were married on Mother’s Day 2007. This was not a typical wedding.......but rather a surprise. In fact, the engagement was a surprise as well. It all happened in San Francisco over the course of two days. We were blessed to have our friends and family share in this incredible adventure. Be sure to check out the “Surprise Wedding” page!!
This website is a glimpse into our lives and a reflection of who we are.

Initially, we were a bit reluctant to share our personal experiences, however we have met so many wonderful people, made so many great memories and discovered so many new adventures along the way, we believe it would be a shame to not share them.

Terri and I have been blessed with loving families, great health and wonderful friends. We share the same outlook on life……..”nobody gets out alive" - so go for it!!

The pages on our web site are visual accounts of a few of our life experiences…………………..we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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