Odds and Ends
This section is a collection of short video stories that we have collected over the years. They range from "bugs" to "weekend trips" which explains why they ended up on the Odds and Ends page. Click inside any "Thumbnail Image" to open.
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Bodega Bay 2008

Jeff and Maria Farrar organized a “get-away” to Bodega Bay. The house they rented was incredible. Practically brand new and “first class.” Once we made a short walk to the beach we could see where Alfred Hitchcock filmed “The Birds”........just across the bay. We all brought way too much food, but somehow managed to eat almost everything. For 2 days all 8 of us worked on and completed the most difficult “jig-saw” puzzle ever made. Great trip, VERY relaxing and wonderful friends.
Tahoe Ski Trip

Once again Dave Gray organized an incredible weekend of skiing along with perfect weather, incredible food, great wine and awesome friends. We spent the night at a beautiful house that overlooks Donner Lake- the commute from the garage to the house was a blast too. Brian, Terri and I skied our butts off while Laurie and Christie hit the spa for the usual “girlie stuff.”

Great weekend!!
Wine Tasting 2008

Thanks to Dave Gray’s tenacity and organization skills he put a “day trip” together for a group of friends to Napa. We started at Mumm’s Napa where we indulged in 7 different varieties of Champagne and got primed for the rest of the trip. We then went to Ruthaford Winery, Aberge du Soleil Hotel, Rombauer Winery and then to Tra Vigne for an incredible dinner.

Great Job Dave........thanks.
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Backyard Bugs

Couldn’t find anything else interesting in the backyard, so these shots of an unsuspecting moth and a hungry praying mantis were my only subjects. In an act of desperation- I had to try out my new 60mm Nikon Macro Lens on a Nikon D200. Look closer if you ever get bored- it’s amazing what is going on right under our noses.
Backyard Friends

Adreanne and Rocky started hanging out 3 years ago. Now we have one new family each year.....from offspring of the previous year. We live in a residential area, about 1/4 mile from the American River. In addition to Finches, Titmouse, Robins, Doves, Ducks, Flickers, Phoebes, Nuthatch and Hummingbirds- we have Turkeys. Although wild, they have become so domesticated, they show up on our front door step and beg for food.

As a tribute to Wayne and Laura Hartman, Terri and I recorded our ski trip to Squaw Valley. One year prior the four of us enjoyed phenomenal spring skiing in February and dining at Chez Dave’s.

To know the Hartman’s is to love the Hartman’s. They are the highest energy and most adventurous couple we have ever met.
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Blooming Santa Rosa Plums

We have two thirty year old Santa Rosa Plums in our yard that put on quite a show in spring when they bloom. This is what they look like over a seven day period.
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