Surprise Wedding
After thirteen years together, Terri and I were married on Mother’s Day 2007. This was not a typical wedding.......but rather a surprise. In fact, the engagement was a surprise as well. It all happened in San Francisco over the course of two days. We were blessed to have our friends and family share in this incredible adventure.

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Birthday Party

Part 1- Seven months of secret planning, organizing and orchestrating came together on Mothers Day 2007. However, the real momentum begun when I asked Terri to help me organize my “birthday get together” at the Hotel Vitale in San Francisco, followed by a “limo ride” to Teatro Zinzanni for Cirque de Sole dinner theatre. Terri made the phone calls and sent emails prompting 30 of our dearest friends and family to dress “in costume” and join us for the event..............little did she know that she was setting up her own Surprise.
Zinzanni Surprises

Part 3- During the show, a gift would be delivered to our table, however I had to get ahold of it... no small feat. Eventually I would intercept the package, open it (for my eyes only) and act confused. After showing it to a few of our dinner guests and acting “perplexed”, I would finally turn to Terri, open the ring box ask her if she knew what this could be..........then wait for a reaction. AND WHAT A REACTION!!
Thirty minutes later Terri was asked to read (out loud) an invitation in front of our friends and was to her own wedding.
Friends and Family

Part 2- Terri did such a great job of motivating our friends to dress up for the occasion, we could not pass up the opportunity to “show off” how creative everyone got with their fabulous outfits. Before the dinner show started , some of us had our faces painted. And this really got everyone in the "Zinzanni" mood.....not to mention the Champagne. We are so grateful to all our family and friends that gave up their weekend to help us celebrate this awesome surprise. Wayne and Laura traveled the farthest, all the way from New York..........thanks to everyone for helping us celebrate - we are honored.
Shortly after Terri realized that this entire event was a "Set Up" and she composed herself, the first question she asked her sister was …..”WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?!!” Thanks to all the help from Kristy, we had the dress, shoes, jewelry, makeup plus all of the other details “under control”…………all Terri had to do was “show up.” Oh, and because this was a surprise, we went to City Hall the day after our ceremony to file for our marriage license.
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Before The Wedding

Part 4- Before The Wedding- Regardless of all the planning and organization, the one issue I could not control was the weather. And although I reserved the “Penthouse Suite” because of the outdoor space and view, there was no guarantee the San Francisco weather would cooperate. When I woke up on Sunday morning and before I opened up the curtains......all I could do was pray. As you can see the weather was PERFECT 72 degrees and not a cloud in the sky!!!
After The Wedding

Part 6- After The Ceremony- All of the concerns, worry and angst was lifted knowing that we had “pulled off” the surprise of a lifetime. Being surrounded by our friends and family, on the best day of our lives together, made this a once in a lifetime event.
Wedding Ceremony

Part 5- The Wedding- Our guests got comfortable very quickly with a glass of Champagne and an opportunity to admire the view. Terri was escorted by her brother, Kevin, just as the Clock Tower at the Port announced the half hour. Shortly after the ceremony begun, humor was quickly injected into the event when, Don Bryan, knowing that I had written both of our wedding vows, announced “I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about yourself.”
View From the Vitale Penthouse Suite Balcony…………………………………………………………….The Backdrop to Our Wedding Ceremony
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