There is no better feeling in the world than to wake up knowing you have a full day of diving ahead. Big blue sky with huge puffy white cotton balls for clouds slowly rolling by and the bright aqua blue-green ocean is right at your feet. The energy, anxiety and excitement on the boat trip, to the dive site, is the BEST way to start your day. This is an experience you have to LIVE in order to fully understand.

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Cozumel Slideshow- July 2013

Little did we know that we would meet some of the best dive buddies ever on this trip. We ran into Bonnie Pelner on the flight over ,who was teaching photography classes for two weeks at the Scuba Club. We hung out with her group and got extremely long bottom times. We also learned a lot of new techniques to improve our underwater photography skills. In addition, Jack Davis, "Mr Lightroom" helped us get the most out of Adobe Lightroom and turn a good shot into a great picture. Tons of great critters and interesting fish behavior…..people behavior was also interesting.
Bonaire Slideshow- May 2011

Bonaire diving is truly “Diving Freedom.” Free Nitrox and all the shore diving you can handle. Tons of little creatures, which is great for macro photography. Bari Reef (in front of our Condo- Sand Dollar) has the greatest variety of fish than any other reef in the Caribbean!! Hard to run out of great subjects. And once again we met lots of great divers. Hope you enjoy this slideshow as much as we did putting it together.
Cozumel Slideshow- June 2012

After four years of Bonaire diving we decided to head back to Cozumel. When we left in 2008 the reefs were reviving from Hurricane Wilma. We were very happy to see that the health of the Cozumel reefs is incredible. It's better than we can ever recall. As long as the proliferation of "Lion Fish" is kept under control, Cozumel will continue to be our favorite Caribbean dive destination.
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Bonaire Slideshow- June 2010

Bonaire just keeps getting better. Just about the time you think you have seen it all….something new emerges. The closer you look the more you see. Hopefully the Lionfish will not devastate the Caribbean reefs and a natural predator will maintain the balance. This is our second of three years diving Bonaire and it is truly "incredible." Don't miss it!!
Cozumel Slideshow- 2008

Cozumel diving is getting better each year......since “Wilma.” Although the underwater landscape has changed, it is all for the “better.” Tons of new coral formations and lots of new fish life are coming back. The wreck (at Paradise Reef) is getting much better as well. Great to see the staff, still the same people, after 10 years. And once again we met lots of great divers.
Puerto Rico Slideshow- 2009

Terri and I took advantage of an opportunity to extend our CA Mini Club trip to Puerto Rico and DIVE around the island. Although we saw a lot of beautiful scenery on land and met a lot of wonderful people, we still managed to spend most of our time under water.
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Cozumel Movie- 2008

There is no better feeling in the world than to wake up knowing you have a full day of diving ahead. The first 30 seconds of this video compress 30 minutes at the dock in the morning.

This trip I ran into a professional photographer who he showed me how to do time lapse- with a still camera that came out really well.
Philippines Slideshow- 2007

Terri and I took our second trip to the Tropical Pacific in March of 2007 making two stops in the Philippines. Our first week was in Puerto Galera and the second was in Dumaguete. The diving was INCREDIBLE in both spots although Dumaguete was much more remote, tropical and relaxed. We went with a group and we excellent divers. This slideshow is a fraction of what we saw and experienced.
Bonaire Slideshow- 2008

After 6 years Terri and I returned to Bonaire and we were pleasantly surprised. The reefs were in great shape (after the beating they took from Hurricane Lenny in 2000). The island is growing up and the Dutch government is spending a tremendous amount of money to improve the infrastructure. Once again we met some incredible people and can’t wait to get back to Bonaire soon.
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Philippines Movie- 2007

PHILIPPINES was our second major adventure to the other side of the world and now our new “must go to” spot every year. We spent one week in Puerto Galiera and one week in Dumagete. Incredible resorts, fantastic food and professional massages for less than $5. The diving is UNREAL and provided more photo opportunities than anywhere else we have ever been. We decided to head back in 2008 to Dumagete for 2 weeks. Very tropical, away from the general population and the most diverse sea life imaginable.
Cozumel Movie- 2005

One of our favorite local bars called Las Palmas, is right on the corner of “the square” in town. It’s across from the Main Pier, so it’s fun to have one of their killer margaritas and hang out to watch the tourists. You can always count on a good mariachi band to stop by to entertain you with a chorus of La Bamba.

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Cozumel Movie- 2006

Cozumel, Mexico is the best combination of diving, food, accommodations, and culture you will experience in the Mexican Yucatan. Every timeTerri and I go to Cozumel we run into many of the same divers, which are now friends from previous years. In fact, most of the The Scuba Club’s Staff have been there well over 23 years.

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Cozumel Movie- 2003

Another favorite past time in Cozumel is to relax in the hammocks with a good book, tropical drink then take a little siesta while the water laps up on the side of the coral wall. After a full day of diving, the nitrogen build up is a perfect combination with the warm sun and tropical breezes to guarantee a relaxing vacation. Not only is the drift diving great, but this little paradise resort it is a phenomenal VALUE. This file was damaged along the way so the quality is sub-standard.
Slideshow- 2003 thru 2006

After we had been diving for 5 years I picked up a Nikonos underwater camera and discovered you see MORE when looking for subjects to photograph, particularly small critters. Three cameras later I have discovered that “photography” is my reason to dive. Not sure if it was “payback,” but Terri soon started shooting underwater video and we are now both, the worlds worst dive buddies. This slideshow is a compilation of shots from Mexico, Cayman Islands, Hawaii, Bonaire and Thailand that were taken between 2003 and 2006.
Cayman Movie- 2003

CAYMAN diving is extremely relaxing. We discovered the best shore diving on the island at Eco Adventures, next to the Turtle Farm. Grab a tank, head out to the “hairy ball,” go left or right for 1/2 tank and return. The diving is so relaxed that within a few minutes the fish pick up on your mood and let you get extremely close.

After your second tank, walk upstairs to the Cracked Conch, have lunch and do 2 more tanks. 50 feet from the car to the doesn’t get any easier and the shop crew is great.
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